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copenhagen parts

Copenhagen Parts 是一個丹麥牌子。而北歐最出名的就是設計,這是一對簡單、方便又漂亮的磁石LED單車燈。使用時只需把磁石面貼在車頭或車尾就會自動著燈。設計簡單實用,也沒什麼好講。大家可能有疑問磁石究竟穩不穩,不過設計師經過多次測試,也經過店主幾個月來的實際測試,可以跟大家說放心,從來都未試過掉落。詳情請看我們下面的介紹影片。


Scandinavia has long been famous for design and this magnetic light is from Denmark. This is a “cool and convenient” magnetic LED bike light. What you need to do is just simply stick the magnet side to the front and rear of the bike frame and it will light up automatically. Nothing much to say, easy to use with minimalist design. One may wonder if magnet is sticky enough but from our experience over past few months, it’s stronger than enough to make your ride safe. For more, please watch our video below.

*only for steel frame bikes




價錢 Price
$350 一對 /pair

copenhagen parts magnetic bike lights 髦民士多 bike the moment store超級簡潔又靚仔的 design
super minimalist and cool design

copenhagen parts magnetic lights貼在車尾時的樣子,經過設計師的多番測試,可以看到角度和車架的 top tube 是平衡的,除了美觀,亦確保後面的人看到。 the angle of the lights are parallel to the top tube. not only making it looks better but also make sure it’s visible to people behind.

copenhagen parts magnetic lights鳥瞰前燈
aerial view for the front light

copenhagen parts magnetic lights裝在車上超級簡潔,一貫北歐設計風格
undoubitably the most minimalist when being mounted, a tradition of danish design

copenhagen parts magnetic lightsLED 燈,夠光,省電。電池:2 x CR2032
LED lights, luminous enough and battery-saving. battery : 2 x CR2032

hands-on video

特色 & 規格
specs & features


  • super minimalist design, cool and convenient
  • battery : 2 x CR2032
  • suitable for steel frame bike
  • light mode:flash / steady


  • 設計超簡單,漂亮又超方便
  • 電池:2 x CR2032
  • 適合鋼車身
  • 閃燈模式:閃 / 長開

360 view

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