Jon Lock
麻繩+鋼索單車鎖 bike lock in rope and steel cable

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這個鎖的名字是 Jon Lock,Jon 是 designer 的名字,是一位來自美國田納西州的年青手作人。這是一個單車鎖,用鋼索做成再用麻繩包實,是非常堅韌和美觀的單車鎖。我們無意中在網上的時候一看就覺得很有質感,所以就二話不說的聯絡 designer 了。Jon 同樣是喜歡踩單車的人,而且很有性格,我們足足等了兩個月才收到他的作品。


The Jon Lock is designer by an independent young designer from Tennessee, the U.S. who also loves cycling and design. It’s steel cable wrapped with rope so it’s very durable and looks very stylish at the same time. We just love the design when we first see it surfing on internet. We have waited for 2 months for this lock to be produced and shipped to our store. Specially for people who love style and urban cycling.

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Jon Lock 

Jon Lock Dalman Supply鎖的頭尾加了鋼圈,更加美觀和堅挺,不會變形
steel ring is added to both end of the lock for better appearance and durable shape

Jon Lock Dalman Supply密碼的組合可以自由配搭
you can set your own personalized password

Jon Lock Dalman Supply可以自己編排,更換
you can change to other letters or numbers

Jon Lock Dalman Supply麻繩包鋼索,堅韌而不易刮花車身
steel wire wrap with hemp rope, strong yet won’t easily scratch the bike frame

Jon Lock Dalman SupplyDS -> Dalman Supply Co.

Jon Lock Dalman Supply有兩個版本,另一款陪鎖頭時的樣子。
Another version with key lock.

Jon Lock Dalman Supply有專利的鎖。很大,但相比起傳統的鎖頭非常輕。
Patented lock. Looks big but very light when compared with traditional lock.

Jon Lock Dalman Supply掛在車上的樣子。
when it’s hang on bike.

Untitled踩的時候可以這樣扣在單車的 seat 位下,不會搖晃又型。
Can be locked under the saddle when riding.


特色 & 規格


  • rope + steel cable + leather
  • handmade from Nashville, Tennessee, the U.S.
  • rope for not scratching the bike frame
  • steel cable for more security
  • leather for texture and quality


  • normal version:2 fts
  • longer version:5 fts (for locking both front and rear wheel)


  • 製作成份:麻繩+鋼索+真皮
  • 人手製作,來自美國田納西州
  • 麻繩 > 不刮花車身
  • 鋼索 > 堅韌不易剪斷
  • 真皮 > 質感


  • 正常版本:約2尺
  • 加長版本:約5尺 (可同時鎖前後輪)