UNICH Mini Floor Pump 迷你地泵

$ 420

早在我們開店前就已經發現它了。當初我們想找一個方便攜帶但又要樣子漂亮的pump,結果就找到它。線條簡單幼細的金屬外表,在一眾其他牌子的pump 中非常突出。每次搞活動都會帶在身上,可以放在地上 pump 又輕巧,是我們的 must have item~

We know this pump before we open our store. We were looking for quality and good looking pump and we came across it. It’s metallic, thin and have a very clean design compare to all other pumps that you can see in a bike shop. Every time we go out for a ride / event we also bring it along~

﹣maximum 140 PSI
﹣法嘴 美嘴
﹣附有 mount,如車身有水架螺絲位可安裝在上

Made in Taiwan

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UNICH Mini Floor Pump 迷你地泵