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Swell bottle 保冷暖溫水樽是我們繼 Klean Kanteen 之後找到的另一個美觀與實用兼備的水樽。設計同樣是來自美國的 Swell bottle,除了有點像保齡球的流線型外形,最大的特色就是可以保暖(12小時)和保冷(24小時)。尤其是現在冬天,保暖的話可是非常重要的功能。即時夏天,也可以帶著行街或行山,隨時也可以嘆一口凍飲。兩個版本都是由雙面不鏽鋼製成,防漏功能完全不用擔心。17oz 版本可以裝在本店有賣的 Zefal 單車水架,9oz 版本可以輕鬆放在背囊兩旁,無論是踩單車或者普通出街都非常適合。

Swell insulated bottle is the next nice bottle that we have found after Klean Kanteen. Also come from the U.S., its appearance is very nice and what’s more, it can keep cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. Therefore it’s useful for the whole year. For winter, you can always have a mouthful of warm water ready in your backpack. For summer, you can bring cold drinks for hiking or even just wandering in the desert like-summer in Hong Kong. The whole bottle is stainless steel and the non-leaching is doing excellent. 17oz fits the vintage bike bottle rack Zefal that we have in our store. 9oz can easily be stored at the side of backpack. It’s very useful no matter you go biking or hiking or just shopping in the city.

品牌 brand
S’well (USA)

價錢 price
250ml – $250 (售罄)
500ml – $350 (售罄)

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16075636421 bc221576f7 o-我們現在有 9oz (約 250ml) 和 17oz (約 500ml),木紋和純不鏽鋼面都有。
-we have 9oz and 17oz, both wood and stainless steel finishes are available.

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16075636401 5d82a78f48 o-蓋子頂部的花紋
-the flower pattern on the cap

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 15890121878 14b9c48e1b o-木紋版本是特別版,每賣出一個,美國樹木保護組織 American Forests 都會種一棵樹。
-Wood collection is a special collection with smooth matte finish. For every bottle sold, American Forests will plant a tree.

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16076860782 2d01a058cd o-樽蓋扭的時候非常好用,不會有刺耳的 ee 聲。防漏也絕對不用擔心。另外也沒有 BPA。
-no “ee sound” when twisting the cap. Non-leaching is excellent and BPA free.

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16051761476 8257980040 o-木紋瓦面 close﹣up
-a close-up of the wood matte finish

swell 保冷暖溫水樽 insulated bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 15890274520 90a4840487 o-列隊
-family parade

swell bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16076860872 580baaaa10 o-17oz 配合本店有賣的 Zefal 復古水架剛剛好
-17oz fits with Zefal vintage bike bottle rack

swell bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 15891799887 892183fdf7 o-墨屎 墨丸也有好像有興趣哦 🙂
-squid and mole seem also interested 🙂

swell bottle swell bottle Swell Bottle 16076860662 1f15cdc269 o-9oz 版放在 kanken 背囊旁邊的小袋子剛剛好,帶出街方便
-9oz fits the little side bag on kanken backpack, great for carrying!

特色 & 其他

  • 製作過程沒有傷害任何林木
  • 每個木紋瓦面版本都是 hand-painted,每個都獨一無二
  • 保冷24小時,保暖12小時
  • 18/8 雙面不鏽鋼,無有毒物料,不漏水,無 BPA
  • 9oz & 17oz
  • 25oz 版可以裝整枝紅白酒或香檳(750ml)
  • 瓶身不會有霧水
  • 瓶口直徑可以放下冰塊,而且樽蓋反轉是不滴水
  • 真空密封,保持飲品的新鮮和有氣
  • No trees were harmed in the making of these bottles
  • Each wood S’well is hand-painted; they are one of a kind and perfectly unique
  • Keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12
  • 18/8 double-walled stainless steel, non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free
  • 9oz & 17oz fits in standard sized cup-holder
  • 25oz holds entire bottle of wine
  • Bottles do not condensate
  • Mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and drip-free sipping
  • Vacuum sealed, keeps liquids and carbonation fresh

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