moment one piece 髦民一件

about moment one piece 髦民一件


由於基本上所有物品只有一件,所以就叫 moment one piece / 髦民一件。你可以用一件你認為同等價值的東西來交換。有些是非賣品,只歡迎來到我們小店慢慢觀賞。

about moment one piece 髦民一件

mostly what we have found when we were traveling on bike in other cities, like our trip in Europe before. It’s like digging treasure everyday. We just knew biking could be so addictive.

as everything here is unique or we have one piece only, that’s why we have the name. some products could be bought for a price or exchanged with something you think has the same value. some are not for sale but you are welcome to come to admire at our store.

vintage typewriter  moment one piece 髦民一件 P3040712 2

hanger  moment one piece 髦民一件 P30407451

mitsubishi fan 三菱電風扇  moment one piece 髦民一件 P3040833 3

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